Sunday, July 11, 2010

"You look happier"

My neighbor hasn't seen me in 16 months. I'm back home after being away for that long - and am only home for a few weeks to pack the house to move permanently out of state.

My neighbor had stopped by to greet my husband and I and attributed my "looking happier" to being united with my husband who had been working out of state for several years.

But I know the truth (not that I don't love my husband, mind you). I had just shared it with my girlfriend who had come to greet me earlier in the day. I had told Terri about the good bra fitting and how it makes me look skinnier - I have lost a bit of weight since I've been gone, but not THAT much. As we have come to discover, a good bra gives one a waistline.

So it isn't that I am happier, it's that I'm better situated.