Friday, May 15, 2009

Repurposing verses Restyling

I need to learn sewing terminology.

Evidently, my plans for my purple skirt are to restyle it, not to repurpose it. sdBev was kind enough to explain the difference to me on The Stitcher's Guild Forum: What you're describing, and everyone else is picking up on, is restyling, like updating the look, but retaining the original intent i.e. it was a skirt and will continue to be a skirt.

While I love satchels and never seem to have enough of them (anyone relate?), I just cannot imagine my purple skirt becoming a satchel. Or a wallet. Or even a top.

So my skirt will be restyled into another skirt. Ideas are swirling. I need to gain the courage to pick up the scissors.

However, if there are enough remnant remains, I will repurpose them into trimmings for a top.

Thank you, Bev!

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Beth said...

I nominated your lovely blog for an award, Lisa. Check it out on my blog. Love ya lots.