Sunday, April 25, 2010


In the last month, I've made a couple of things which I don't love. They are both skirts with elastic waists: one in a quilting cotton, one in a polyester zebra stripe (to which I added a ruffle).

I'm kicking myself because I like the zebra stripe fabric but I didn't like the pattern I used and should have slowed down and chosen a different pattern to use. Kick. Kick. Kick.

Because of this disappointment, I have decided to rethink how I do things. More planning needs to be involved. I want to be more deliberate and artistic in my designing. I don't need to make fancy things or elaborate things, just good, well-done things. I need to learn to listen to my heart as well.

I did make a green and white stripped linen skirt I'm very happy with. I made this using an online tutorial by Jennifer Stern: How to Draft a One Seam Skirt in 30 Minutes. This tutorial was wonderful and included a darted waistline which took away fabric bulkiness. I made a paper pattern and plan to make more of these cute skirts. (If you make one, be sure to add side seam allowances to the tutorial's instructions.)

Today, I completed another skit, a wrap skirt which I have wanted for quite awhile. I used McCall's 5430 (which I got along with 10 other McCall's patterns last week for 99 cents each at Hancock's!). I eliminated the side tie because I usually don't tuck in my shirts and who wants a knotted tie under a shirt? Instead, I opted to sew a couple of buttons for the closure. I used a pink cotton fabric that looks like it was meant for upholstery (and probably was) which I got in a free bundle from Fabric Mart. I never thought I'd use this fabric but I'm extremely pleased with this skirt. I envision more skirts made with this pattern in a variety of fabrics but I think I'll extend the overlapping top piece just a few more inches.

That makes this month's tally: 4 skirts, two I like, two I don't, and a renewed vision for future projects.

Photos of skirts coming sometime this week.


RuthieK said...

The projects which work are great to wear. The projects which don't teach us lots. I try to not get frustrated, just learn and move on.

K-Sue said...

I like Ruthie's perspective. I'll have to keep it in mind. Thank you for pointin out that 1-seam skirt tutorial. I want to try it out. Look forward to seeing your pictures.g

Huskerbabe said...

Trial and error, right? Can you redo the zebra print into something you like better?

Come to think of it I have a zebra print skirt buried in my closet, I should dig it out. :)