Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teal Skirt and Navy Knit Sweater Set

The Sweater Set: Pamela's Patterns The Versatile Twin Set
Pamela's Twin Set comes with an alternate front bodice with a dart for those with a full bust measurement 3 inches or greater than their high bust measurement. Even though I meet that criteria, I had no interest in putting a dart in this particular knit. [My next post will describe how I avoid darts in knits.]

I liked Pamela's instructions to zigzag the front facing interfacing. It set the facing very well.

Sleeve and hem are hand-stitched. This is a lovely knit with texture so I wanted it to have that invisible touch. I felt that machine stitching was unnecessary on this knit and would have caused it to appear more casual than I wanted for this particular set.

However, I decided to machine finish the facing after reasoning out that I was unsure if hand-stitching would be sufficient. I don't think this bit of stitching takes away from the finished look.

The shell needed quite a bit of shortening for proportion with the skirt but I left the cardigan the original length due to indecision. I reserve the right to shorten it later.

Skirt: Simplicity 9825

This beautiful tweedy fabric wanted to be a wrap skirt. Unfortunately, with only one yard, that was not to be, so I pulled out this tnt (tried and true). For the topstitching, I used gold topstitching thread in the needle with regular poly thread in the bobbin which my Necchi Nora handled beautifully. I am very happy with how this skirt turned out.

Next up: Skirt from this same navy knit so that I have an ensemble with options.


Gail said...

You've put together a fabulous ensemble. Love the linen skirt - the topstitching is very effective.

K-Sue said...

Looks good - I really like the fit of the shell.

Remnant said...

Thank you! It's nice to sew something that works after the last weeks TWO waders!

I'm quite pleased with the fit of that top! It took some doing and my work paid off (isn't that a good feeling?)

My top stitching is not nearly so wonky as the photos. I don't know why...probably because the tweed is not pressed - it feels like a linen but is thicker.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me if the armhole is very low in this pattern? I compared it to a Christine Jonson
top that I love and the armhole seem very low. Thanks for any info. Your twin set looks great!!! Pat Spurza

Remnant said...

Hello Pat, Thanks for the compliment....but YES! This armhole was ridiculously long. Huge. I'm wondering why. There are those half inch or inch "petiting" lines but they barely touched what was needed. I didn't realize until after I meticulously folded (not cut) those lines together and taped them that I needed so much more! I think I took out an additional 3 inches or so. I find that extreme. I did this with both the shell and the cardigan. For the sleeve cap, I pinned the edges of the sleeve to the garment (before sewing the side seams) and let the sleeve cap fall where it wanted to near the shoulder. I pinned in place and basted. Once I was satisfied with the shortened sleeve cap, I cut the excess away. It worked out well as you can see in the photos. I'm not an experienced sewer, but I've never had to alter a pattern this drastically. Lesson learned: follow your body, not the pattern! If you make this, I'd love to see a photo. Thanks so much for leaving a comment!