Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sew Stuff

I have a dream list of sewing things I want. Good machines aside, there is all the stuff I wish I had.

I want a tailor's ham for pressing. When I read recently that they are essential for pressing curved seams, it made sense as I remembered the great difficulty I've had pressing armholes and necklines. I think I'll make one using this pattern.

I bought several items on my wish list today:

- two yards of graphing material for use in altering patterns. I think I bought the wrong stuff. I should have chosen something closer to this paper.

- new and sharp pins with glass heads

- a fine line yellow chalk marker

- a measuring gauge

- 6 inch clear ruler

- (my favorite of all) Dritz Machine Seam Gauge and Adhesive Guide. This is the tool I have always wished existed to help guide fabric for accurate seam widths.

Successful haul makes a happy sewist.

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