Friday, March 27, 2009

More Sew Stuff

I think I've managed to fulfill most of my notions wish-list, thanks to 40% off notions at JoAnn's.

I gave in and bought two hams: one in a traditional ham-shape and the other a seam roll . Without a wool remnant to make my own, and knowing I'll use them frequently, they were worth buying at 40% off.

I bought a new rotary blade. I nicked mine years ago on a pin. I knew I wouldn't want to have to hand cut those threads missed by the cutter at every rotation.

I also chose a new rotary mat. Mine was one of those old (old!) green ones and a bit warped, not to mention really used with stuck on glue and glitters. My new one has grid lines and is double sided. Ah, smooth clean surface!

Other items:
-silk pins (to use on silk and fine fabrics)
-stay tape
-magnetic pin wand
-magnetic pin catch to stick on my new machine
-I stocked up on non-roll 1 inch waistband elastic in black and white as well as 1/8 inch elastic
-Lite SteamaSeam 2. I later ralized this comes in different widths. I bought the 1/4 inch. Hope this is sufficent for my needs. People who like this product joke about buying it by the case.
- disappearing ink pen
-fray block (hoping that this is the brand people have recommended)
-spring action scissors for quick thread snipping
-bobbin box (unfortunately, I didn't know what size bobbin my new machine uses, so I wasn't able to stock up on bobbins - making mental note to find out)

My sewing box is fat-n-happy. I cleaned it and threw out old pins, picking them off the pin cushions and out of the corners.

My sewing box is old. I think it was my grandmother's. There's a widget in there I've never been able to figure out. After a bit of searching, it turns out to be a hard to find vintage Dritz tool used to bind button holes. Secret Pocket blog has a tutorial on how to use it. I'll surely have to find a project that needs bound button holes.

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Beth said...

I've seen that widget in my mom's stash of sewing stuff. I had no idea what it was either. It really makes an nice and neat looking button hole. Button holes and set in sleeves are why I do not like garment sewing. I am in search of window covering ideas for my two big picture windows in my living room. But I don't know when I'll ever have time to actually make anything.