Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Settling In Week

I "moved" to Abingdon, VA three days ago with son, daughter, dog and cat to be with husband who has been here (mostly by himself) for 3 years. I again brought the cold chill from NY as we had blizzardly snow whiteouts on and off during the day yesterday, complete with blustery wind. I did not bring winter clothes. I want flannel. Or fleece. Brrry cold.

I've accomplished much but no sewing yet. I laid claim to the dining room area of our corporate townhouse (read: furnished rental) for my sewing room. I bought a sewing table, took my machine to the repair guy yesterday and will pick it up tomorrow (the repair guy works fast - hope he's good). I'll try to post pictures tomorrow of my sewing corner.

I joined a ladies' Bible study yesterday for the study of Esther and today I attended the first of three College for Adult classes I plan to take. No tests involved! Today's class was "Know Where You Are," an apropos class for me as I just breezed into town. After this class, I'll know the geography of the region and will probably be able to name several mountains seen on the horizon as well as have a good handle on where I am (glad someone can tell me). Tomorrow, I attend two more classes: Health Concerns and Psalms. I'm only taking a few of the many offerings (I gave up the chance to take Indoor Plumbing Repairs in favor of the Esther study) - I could take up to 3 or 4 classes a day, three days per week, all for a one-time $35 fee. This is an amazing asset for this community and a quite unique opportunity, I think.

I also swim at least three times a week at the wonderful (read: clean and bright) recreation center which is less than 5 minutes from the townhouse. A year ago I could barely walk due to back injuries and pain. Today, I can work out in the water doing core training for an hour, including swimming 15-20 laps, and am mostly pain-free (except that right now I can hardly walk as I think I seriously over did my workout today).

Not a bad way to start off life in a new town.

Now to find time to sew.

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