Thursday, April 16, 2009

Full Bust Adjustments

I have been depressed since I posted the last blog entry. The pictures I took of myself in my new tango skirt did not at all look like the mental image I had of myself. Can you relate?

In my mind, I'm more svelt. I'm more toned (after swimming three times a week for a few months). My hair is perky and cute.

Reality says otherwise. Or maybe I'm just not photogenic.

When I sat down last night to make my very first FBA (full bust adjustment) on a pattern, I had several tutorials opened on my computer. I took measurements and decided I needed to spread my pattern an inch and a half! In all the FBA's I've seen photographed on sewing blogs, I've never seen one so large! One tutorial said if you need more than an inch, you should make two separate slits to take care of the full bust.

To say I went into a tailspin would be an understatement. I did complete the FBA and made a muslin and it did fit in the bust (but not in the back - so I think I need to consider making a sway back adjustment as well). I'll write a post later on about the actual sewing of it - this post is dedicated to my angst over my body image.

Today, I visited a foundations store a few towns over from here. Let's just say that my need to expand the pattern by 1 1/2 inches was not an error in my math. It was quite a learning experience, but needless to say, my full bust has made some dramatic adjustments after the visit.

Although it's been a full day, and I look as tired as I feel, I'm happy with the effects. Oh, sew happy!

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Beth said...

FWIW, I think you are simply beautiful. Or should I say "fully" beautiful? Love ya, Lisa.