Friday, July 3, 2009

Long Purple Skirt Now Restyled


AFTER (I had forgotten how much this fabric wrinkles. I had JUST pressed it.)

In addition to shortening the skirt, I had to take it in from the back and side seams. Taking it in from the back was a chore because of the elastic back waist. It doesn't look 100%, but I will enjoy wearing it with an untucked top.


K-Sue said...

What a difference! I have a very long lavender dress that I am thinking of shortening a few inches. Currently it is ankle length, and I'd like a high-calf length. (Because of a leg scar, I stay below the knees on skirts.)

Susan said...

What a difference is right. That shorter length is perfect for the style and fabric.

Remnant said...

Thank you for commenting, Ladies!

It is hard to imagine wearing that long skirt now that I've been wearing shorter ones!

a little sewing on the side said...

Hi Remnant! I found your blog today and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey. Your skirt looks very cute, as does your Vogue 8495.
Nice work!