Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Paint has Dried.


Stash said...

Love those pretty skirts. I guess I will have to look up how to make that one you drafted yourself.

Your sewing machine desk looks wonderful and I do not think you made a mistake at all, painting it. It looks so much better, IMHO.

Hope you keep posting. It is fun to see you back. ;-)

Hope you have your sewing mojo back.

Remnant said...

Stash, I do think my mojo is back! I fiddled with patterns and fabric and have a bit of a plan (taped to the wall behind the machine).

I am having a technical issue with the machine - I have no screws holding her onto the desk pegs. That's why there are no photos of the desk closed. I don't want to remove her because she weighs so much and getting her onto those desk pegs is hard work! I have been advised as to what to look for (metric screws as she was made in Italy). If my local hardware doesn't have them, I'll have to take her off the pegs and lug her to my local sewing repair guy. I hope to do all that tomorrow.

The one-seam skirt (center back) is interesting because there are several darts which take out the bulk around the waist before inserting the elastic waistband. It is very comfortable, but it does need the addition of a slit. Oh - if memory serves me - I had to add a seam allowance to the instructions.

I am thrilled with the desk painted. It is cheerful and much nicer to sit at than when in the original condition. I did chip the paint when I was setting the machine into the table right near the needle plate - darn! I'll have to touch it up and then wait a few days for it to dry (oil based). How frustrating.

In the meantime, there are patterns to print and alter. And metric screws to locate.

K-Sue said...

Looks great!

My original machine (the one older than me) has a table, but my second machine (the $10 1980-ish Singer) has just it's box, and getting those little pegs in is nigh impossible, and the machine weighs maybe 25-30 pounds, so I identify with you! Once I get it set up somewhere, it tends to stay awhile.