Saturday, September 25, 2010


My local sewing machine repair guy was able to find two set screws to fit this old, European manufactured machine. Set screws hold the machine to the pegged hinges on the table so that the machine can be lowered and the top closed. After looking at the size of the holes, he was doubtful he had anything small enough, but he managed to find two mismatched screws in his 30 year old stock pile of parts.

I am anxious to put something under her needle. But I'm still in a post-migraine haze so that's going to have to wait a bit.

In the meanwhile, a few more BEFORE photos. If you double click on a photo, I think you'll get a close up.

And more AFTER photos.

Notice how well the hinges cleaned up using a bit of Tarn-x.

The handles also cleaned up nicely - even to the point of having a pink patina! I was going to replace them, but they no longer make handles to fit the 1.5 inch span for holes and I was NOT going to drill additional holes in this old cabinet. I cleaned the handles in preparation for painting - thinking to paint them gray. Once cleaned, they showed a beautiful pink patina, perfect for the Nora's desk.

The pile awaiting the sewer's touch. A good use of the uncomfortable chair.

Here is the extensive presser foot and accessory collection which came with Nora which I am anxious to employ.

Notice that there is one cam. One. I'm on the hunt for Nora's cams. I understand Lelia's cams will fit the Nora. (Supernova cam do NOT fit.) If anyone has a source, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a great job fixing up your machine and the desk. I hope you get to do some sewing on it soon.

RuthieK said...

Oh the desk and machine are absolutely gorgeous (heart heart).

Remnant said...

Hey School! Welcome to the world of sewing. I am SOOO not going to call you 'dropout'! Your blog looks terrific and I'm heading over there to leave you a comment. Blog comments make the world go round. (well, i exaggerate. a tad. maybe.)

Ruthie, thanks ever so much. If you catch me at the right time, you'll find me in Nora's room. petting. The smooth table. The lovely clean cool metal. Rearranging drawers.