Saturday, January 29, 2011

January’s Jacket - Butterick 5423


It took time to gain momentum for January’s jacket for participation in Jacket-a-Month for 2011 on Stitcher's Guild.


While waiting for jacket vision, I made a skirt faux wrap skirt (it's a tad small but I've gained holiday weight which WILL come off soon! A girl can hope!) and a couple of knit tops.

B5423 January Black White

My jacket is Butterick 5423, View D. I made it in black/white (like on the photo) with a fabric that is synthetic something or other with woven corded designs. I like that it doesn't ravel and was fairly easy to sew. The colorway is a bit "loud" for me, but the more I look at it, the more I'm liking it. I wore it out today and it felt “right.” My husband thinks its perfect for jeans and a turtleneck in that it dresses up the jeans a bit but is not too dressy.

Double Button

The buttons are formed by layering a plain black button with a laser-imprinted white one. They fit together perfectly! I'm liking the look.

Lining and Cuff

It's lined with Bemberg. The sleeve lining was finished using the technique found on Thread’s Magazine website on bagging your lining. Scrolling to the bottom of the page describes a way to machine finish sleeve linings, attaching them to the hem of the sleeve. It took awhile to get my head around what to do, but once I did, I was amazed at how well this looks. I'll surely use this technique in the future.


It's a bit of a crazy coat. The disappointment is that the busy design hides seam detail (a mistake I've seen others admit to making - and hoped to avoid myself). I may make this again with a solid color.

I took out a couple of inches in the long seam from neckline to wrist, narrowing the sleeve quite a bit, and tapered the arm even further from the elbow to the wrist.


A note: if you decide to make this, use something with a bit of a drape - I don't think something stiff would work well.

Bonus: I found a few patterns at a community yard sale this morning. I bought the Vogues to read the vintage instructions.

Abingdon Yardsale Jan 2011

Coming Next: A lavender sweater coat or vest – I haven’t decided if I want it to have sleeves.


Gail said...

You've done a great job. I love the black and white fabric.

K-Sue said...

Great job! Funny you should say that the busy print hides the details - I often like using a busy print to hide the mistakes!

Julie Culshaw said...

Your jacket looks great. I had a fabric like that for sale when I had my online store and it was for sale for $50+ per yard. Someone who bought it said she had seen it at over $100 per yard in a store in Ottawa, so she snatched up mine. You did a great job with that jacket and I think you look wonderful in it.