Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fabric Mart Fun

Mystery bundle on left

While ill with a virus all week, I succumbed to temptations. I ordered 4 lengths of fabric plus a mystery bundle. Those bundles are addictive, aren’t they?


First what I bought individually:

2 linens 2 velvets

The top two are linen. The left wine color is 100% linen. On the right, the cooper is linen/rayon blend. They are both luxurious to the touch.

The bottom left is a Nicole Miller stretch velveteen (3% lycra). The paisley is sueded cotton (per Fabric Mart’s description). I love the subtle paisley. I think this is my favorite type of texture: a subtle self-hued pattern.
I ordered “matching” thread. They got 2 out of four matched. I have no idea what the dusty pick is supposed to match! And the other linen color also does not match in real light, the thread is too red. I doubt I’ll order “matching” thread again – though when they get it right, it’s convenient. And I guess 50% isn’t too bad for that convenience. But really? Dusty pink in a package of wine and rust?

This mystery bundle is the best thus far! I received 5 fabrics for a total of 9 1/2 yards.

 wool silk cotton lawn plus black velvet mystery bundle plus P2051742

The charcoal grey is a fine wool with an amazing drape. I’m thinking a Loes Hinse jacket will show this to full potential.

Next to that is a grey silk (not violet as in the photo).

That’s followed by an aqua cotton – perhaps a fine lawn? Just beautiful! I wish I could photo the color better, but this is a cloudy day and it’s just not happening.

Stretch black velvet as soft as down and so shiny. Unbelievable!

The stripe (out of focus, sorry) cotton is the only think I can’t envision a use for immediately. But it is a fun and interesting fabric.

I really hit the mother lode with this bundle, didn’t I?

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