Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burda and Murphy in Pittsburgh

Just because I have not been to a Joann’s in many years – just because there is one a mile from the hotel – just because the day loomed with nary a responsibility save, perhaps, to wine and dine later – just because the dog was snuggled in his carrier and I could carry him into the store in that manner – and just because I was curious to see - - -

It was a super store, with a very small (relatively speaking compared with the rest of the place) fabric department. I think the scrapbooking section was larger than the fabric section. The majority of fabrics was fleece and flannel. I didn’t see anything at all tempting to purchase.

Until I noticed a Burda pattern book on the pattern book table. I laid the dog carrier down and noticed that he would stop whining to be let out if I kept up a running commentary. This dog is imprinted on me. I am his security blanket. It is annoying. But it is what it is.

“Oh look, Murphy,” said in my special Murphy sing song voice, very annoying if you are not Murphy, I am sure,

Burda 3477 “this princess-lined dress is probably quite a nicely made pattern which I can alter with an FBA. Perhaps I can have a TNT like Carolyn and use this over and over. I must remember to add width to the shoulders to hide my straps which always peek out the back of the armholes. Other than that, I think this would be a perfect dress for that white linen I’ve been saving, you know Murphy, the one hanging in my closet with the scattered green flowers. Yes, Murph, I think I need this.”

“And, Murphy, good boy, no whining, what do you think about this?”

Burda 7700

“It is unstructured and even has a hood if I should want one. I think we could make the blue wool into this quite nicely, don’t you, good boy? I like the sleeveless view for next fall. We’ll come up with some fabric for that, won’t we?”

Burda 8592

“Oh, look at this one! I like the asymmetric front opening and large decorative button. Maybe this would be perfect for the winter white wool I bought at G Street. Oh, hush, good boy. I’ll keep talking…I don’t think I’ll be adding the ruffle…”

“Do you think we need this Chanel-type jacket? Everyone seems to like them. Yes, this one is a bit different. See view B, Murph-man? It has a pleat mid-back with looks very interesting.”

Burda 8949

“And the front slits on that view is also an interesting feature which adds a touch of pizzazz don’t you think? I wonder if I could edge so neatly. I may have to leave that off. But I like the length for something a little more dressy. What a good boy, aren’t you? Maybe my pink G Street wool for this? Or the green velvet that still does not have a pattern? We’ll see when we get home.”

“Oh, look at this skirt. That short one has just the right amount of flounce. Not too much, which looks ridiculous on me. Let’s try it and see if we like it for that nice black wool we purchased yesterday, shall we?”

Burda 8280

“Ready to go for a car ride? Perhaps the hotel room is tidy now. I’d like a nap. All this talking is getting on my nerves and I could use a break. Right, boy?”


Gail said...

Burda patterns are very precise and easy to adjust for fitting. But you really have to get past the daggy presentation in the pattern books.

Remnant said...

So true, Gail. You really need to study the line drawings.