Sunday, February 13, 2011

February’s Wooly Jacket


McCall’s 6208, view E

This is a very simple, unlined jacket. Not even a dart. I think I picked up the fabric at Hancock’s on their sale table – pretty sure anyway. I always think I’ll remember…


Adjustments I performed: my usual FBA, a forward shoulder (but I forgot to change the sleeve to accommodate so the sleeve is slightly wonky but not enough to be uncomfortable because this sleeve is HUGE), a slight prominent shoulder blade and sway back.

Changes I made mid-stream:

1. I took out 1 1/2 inches off the shoulder/armscye tapering to the notches.

2. After hemming the sleeve cuffs as narrow as possible, I realized they were not right. They were bulky, the sleeve was too short, the cuff too narrow. I simply took them off and hemmed the sleeve to a good length. The coat looks better. I never think to take photos of something I don’t like (making a mental note to do so next time).

McCalls 6208


See the wonky sleeve? (Ignore the fighting-a-headache aura.)

But also notice how nicely the coat collar and front are simply formed. There is no closure or buttons. And no dart.

Have you noticed needy Murphy? After the trip to Pittsburgh last week, he’s even MORE imprinted on me than previously. His Chihuahua is showing (his mother was a tea cup). Next post I’ll be sure to post a photo of his eyes which show his lineage. They breed these Chiweenie’s down south. Chihuahua/Daschund – get it?


Looking at this side view, I think I’m making too prominent a sway back. Or maybe I need to add a bit of length at center back as a part of the sway back. The door knob is not a button – but perhaps a button at waist level might be a good idea?


If this were made in a lighter weight jacket (and I might make another), I think I’ll need to add fish-eye darts. The additional fabric is not so bad in a sweater coat – I may wear a heavier sweater with this – so I’m okay with the ease as is.

Not a favorite, but I think it’s a great jacket to throw on to run out on errands – roomy and comfy and warm.

Next up: silk scarves (need to roll hem) and then a pink wooly jacket.


Gail said...

It is simple but looks cosy and comfortable. Almost like a cardigan. The problem with the sleeve is not terribly noticeable.

Julie Culshaw said...

I think this jacket looks great, it hangs so nicely in the front and I can appreciate how that collar folds back perfectly. Is it lined?

joan71 said...

Your jacket looks very comfy and warm. It looks very nice on you, especially the collar framing your face. Wear it, flaunt it!