Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progress on my Wee Spring 2010 SWAP

I altered my SWAP plan from needing clothes for Florida to needing some items for a convention I attended with my husband last week.

I finished a pencil skirt (out of the brown silk noil) which I wore on Thursday. Super comfy and a great choice. I lined the skirt and am very happy with it. I made the a-line version of this pattern previously, but this time I decided the fabric determined it needed to be more fitted so I opted for the pencil version. I think it was a good choice. I was surprised that this skirt took as long to make as it did: a good 10 to 12 hours! Either I'm a perfectionist or I need to learn to work a bit faster.

I also completed a skirt which was not on my original plan. It is a stretch jean-type material which I noticed had a rather unique fringe on the cut edge. Even though the stretch ran the wrong way, I decided to use the fringe effect as a design element. I wore this skirt Friday. I used the same pattern as the above skirt, but I traced a new pattern and cut it apart to form two seams in the front and back which I would fringe, as well as traditional side seams (not fringed). I made this skirt a bit longer because of the vertical lines of the fringe. This skirt is comfy and warm. I did have a bit of an issue with the stretch running up and down, rather than across. I also had issue with the side zipper because of the hip curve. I only unpicked it once in order to take in about an inch off the side seam - on both sides in order to keep the symmetry. I'm not sure why this version ran large - it must have been an error in mathematics when I accounted for extra seam allowances. I'll have to think about it (later!).

Making of the fringe seams:

And a wadder: I also made a top out of the patterned stretch fabric, with 3/4 sleeves and a rather high neckline. While the shirt only took an hour or so to make, start to finish, as this is a TNT pattern, it looks HORRID on me. The fit is fine. The sewing is good. It's just that the fabric: blah! And it would have been such a cute outfit, too. I love the colors - but I think I've confirmed that I'm a plain jane. I need to stick with simplicity. I'll have to remember to take a photo of this shirt so you won't think I'm exaggerating!

So far, for my 6-piece SWAP, I've completed:
Brown Skirt
Jean Skirt

I will not count the shirt that doesn't work since I won't be wearing it. (Darn! I was hoping to use that yardage for two tops!) I need to come up with three alternative tops and I'm a bit stumped as to what I will make. I have several lovely off-white pieces of yardage - but two are woven and I've not yet perfected an FBA on a woven pattern.


Stash said...

Love what you are doing... I cannot believe how fast you have progressed in your sewing. Very attractive garments on a very attractive woman! You cannot get better than that. ;-)

Remnant said...

Why, Stash, thank you so much for such kind remarks. I think I'm speechless. You've been a tremendous encouragement to me!