Friday, February 5, 2010

Story Board Trial

A bit difficult to see. I've tried using a new program to me Using an easy method, I simply posted photos of fabrics with the patterns I'm thinking of using.

I plan two phases of sewing, completing a few items for a basic 6-piece wardrobe before heading into phase two.

Phase One:
Starting at the top row: the left off-white jacket and middle brown vest (which still needs interfacing and a lovely silk lining).

The second row are tops: an off-white silky tunic, a patterned fabric which I plan to use for TWO tops (one shell, one with 3/4 sleeves), and a plain off white knit top.

The next line are skirts. One I plan to make in phase one: a brown silk noil (on the left).
The blue knit is already made and will coordinate with the solid tops.

That makes 7 garments for phase one - giving me one more than the 6 I really need - and room to wiggle if something doesn't work out as planned.

Phase Two
Phase two will be a bit more fun!
I'll add a white jacket with funky buttons.

I'll add a couple more skirts: a solid off-white, a solid rust knit and a funky "faces" skirt. I'm still undecided about the off-white skirt as I usually like my bottoms to be darker colors. But this is speaking to me, so I just might make it up.

I also hope to make the floral pink skirt with deep pint knit top during this second phase.

Now that it is photographed and on a board, it gives me a great outline instead of sewing haphazardly. I'm looking forward to starting but starting is proving to be difficult due to some new medication I'm taking which is making me loopy and sleepy. I'm not trusting my judgment or coordination. But I've got everything pre-washed and ready to go as soon as I feel a bit better.

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RuthieK said...

Hope you are soon feeling better. Its a great storyboard.