Sunday, October 17, 2010

Announcing that I am now an official

...Necchi collector with the addition of

this lovely SuperNova Automatica.

She just arrived this evening so I have not yet had an opportunity to clean her, plug her in, or get to know her. We are still in the awkward introductory phase. I hope to spend the day with her tomorrow, taking her apart, cleaning out her oil, giving her a new dose of Triflow Teflon oil and taking her for a tentative seam or two.

A few stats:

- I was told she was originally bought in 1953

This is the copyright date for one of the books which came with with the machine. It's not proof of purchase date, but certainly coincidental.

- She has a knee operating lever instead of a pedal
The knee lever is in view next to Latte.

- She has a full cam set (and the usual large selection of presser feet that come with Necchis)

- She came with several mystery items
Mystery 1: What is a Sew Elite?

Mysery 2: A sandpaper bobbin, of sorts. What? Why?

Mystery 3: What kind of shaft is on these feet? What machine would use these? (The Sew Elite, perhaps?)
I have been told these go to a rotary front load machine. What is that??? A serger?

Mystery 4: Plastic Pieces. Can anyone identify these for me?
KC commented that these are used to hang curtains, which makes perfectly good sense because there were other curtain hooks in the "bits and bobs." Thank you, KC.

Mystery 5: Metal Part - a metal thread cutter that should go on a machine?

I have been told this is a cutting part to a "rotary front load machine." Question: What is a rotary machine? I tried searching to no avail.

- She came with almost 100 wooden spools of thread (which I'd love to sell in order to gift the dear woman who sold her to me because she could truly use the funds). If you'd like to purchase them, please make an offer. All proceeds will go to the elderly woman who sold me the machine. (I found 3 additional wooden spools since this photo was taken and have added them to the colleciton.)

- Her throne needs a good cleaning, but won't need sanded or painted

- She came with a couple of vintage sewing books

- Someone must have made dolls to sell

- She may be wonderful, but Nora holds my heart

- She will certainly come in handy in my sewing: I can use the old, cheap Kenmore for basting, the Nora for straight stitching, and this one for zig-zag. Having this option will help me stop breaking needles when I forget to switch needle position, or presser feet, or plates.

Happiness Necchi collection!


KC said...

What fun sorting through the bits and bobs with your new old machine! I can help with mystery number 4: those plastic bits are drapery carriers for traverse curtain rods like those shown here. Not parts of the machine at all.

Remnant said...

Thank you, KC. I have edited my post to reflect your information!

Lydia said...

What a find!!! Your machine will prove to be a "keeper". Is it Italian or Swiss made? At one time Elna and Necchi were a team. What a lovely thought to sell the spools and give proceeds to former owner. That's class!

Remnant said...

Hi Lydia (isn't there a Necchi named Lydia?), this is Italian made. I'm not interested in non-Italian Necchi machines.

I'll also sell the mystery feet if I can find a buyer and send her the proceeds.

Not that I'm all that classy, haha, but because I MUST! I have not even met the poor soul - my son did - and he won't even tell me about her, saying it is too sad. I think I'll make a post about this story.

JustGail said...

Hi - just wandered over from Stitcher's Guild -

mystery #2 looks like a sanding drum for a dremel tool. maybe the original owner used it somehow for dollmaking?

mystery #3 - a rotary front load machine would be something like a vintage White sewing machine. At least I *think* White is correct brand, but definitely a vintage sewing machine.

Hives & Honey Bees said...

Myster #3 The feet go on a New Home treadle style 'Ruby'. These are exactly like the presser feet that came with my Grandmas machine.