Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dotted Knit Top New Look 6950

I needed a fall top. This View A fit the bill.

I prefer solid tops, but the colors on this fabric called to me. I added a yellow binding - just a doubled over length of fabric. You'll see this yellow fabric soon made up in a Lekala pattern.

I think the binding helps break up the dots.

I'm not sure why, but the sleeves are a tad short on me. I'd prefer them to be just below my elbow.

The neck line was huge and flopped open. I took 4 tucks across the front, two as darts. The middle two I took as pleats and sewed them down with buttons. I felt the dots could use to be broken up a bit more. I don't know why adding round, brown buttons work on this dotted fabric, but I think it does.

Over all, it's a comfortable top which I'll probably wear often this fall.


Gail said...

I'm now making it a rule to work with the finished garment size not my size according to the pattern size measurements. The big four include too much ease in their patterns, sometimes up to 6 inches!

Remnant said...

I am as well, even if I don't like the size outcome!

I should have read reviews of this pattern prior to making it up as it seems the neckline thing is inherent in the pattern and not due to wrong sizing. Reading reveiws BEFORE rather than AFTER might be a good habit for me to adopt.

If I make it up again, I'll use the same size but tweak the neckline piece a bit in addition to my "usual" petiting, forward shoulder and FBA adjustments.

Do you look at reviews? Do they help you decide what to make and/or avoid?