Wednesday, March 23, 2011

G Street in Rockville in March

Photo heavy.


Not one thing caught my eye.

Nothing called my name.

Not one bolt needed attention, to be petted, to be cut.

The store seemed almost empty.


I bought basic lining (black and creme).

I picked up some buttons to match fabric from my collection.


C’est tout.


Disappointment aside, I wonder, is this is a reflection on my lack of creativity, a sign of things to come for G Street due to their buyers, or a reflection on the manufacturing industry?


a little sewing said...

Oh dear, this is sad to read. I have felt the same way when visiting G Street in Rockville. I was hoping it was just me.
I think their inventory is shrinking.

Jane M said...

I so agree. I think their inventory has been shrinking for several years. I remember not too far back when I thought of G Street as the FAO Schwarz of fabric but no more. They've tried the quilting trend but even that has been cut back. Sad, sad, sad.

Remnant said...

It's so sad! What are alternatives when visiting DC? A trip to Baltimore is usually much to try to fit into a business trip for my husband. He usually takes the car during the day and I make due with walking - either staying at the Rio if I don't have the dog with me, or at the Hilton on Rockville Pike if the dog is with me.

Anonymous said...

I looked forward to my trip to G Street all the was from California two months ago. I found nothing I had to have. So sad...