Thursday, November 10, 2011

G Street Take Two

The last time I visited G Street I was awash with disappointment.

This time I managed to visit twice within one week and found loveliness both times. Just wait till you see what I found on the back wall for $2.98/yard.

The Pile


I aimed for textures. Want a closer look?

Here’s my least favorite, but I do need a pop of color every so often. We’ll see what happens with it next spring.


Look at this trio of grey texture. I think I bought a yard or so of each, so they will become a skirt most likely, unless I decide to make a vest. The fabric on the left has quite a bit of brown and is soft like flannel, though it has a thicker hand. I hope it doesn’t pill. The tweed will surely be a skirt – the fabric on the right isn’t decided quite yet.

Grey Trio

The following photo shows a lot of mostly one-yard choices.


Look at this piece and the buttons I found to match. I’m thinking a funky jacket. Perhaps some slacks. I have oodles of this – it’s quite lovely. Perhaps a bit dressy, so I’ll have to find a way to dress it down to fit my lifestyle.


Blues. The top piece is double knit and about 5 yards.


Fun in Gold. I think I’ll make a removable collar with the velvet. I’ll have to choose a base fabric. The patterned piece will become a simple shell to wear underneath as the golds are a perfect match. I don’t love to wear pattern near my face, but I think wearing a bit to peak from under a wonderful jacket might work well. Another woman opted to buy lots of this patterned fabric, but I cannot fathom how she’ll wear it!

Fun Gold

I was attracted to this fabric and chose buttons – hoping to be a bit creative with this.

Beige Stripe with buttons

And last…a border print…check out the texture…

PB102118 PB102119


What do you think of these $2.98 finds?


I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging because I had a major alteration performed this summer with a reduction of sorts. Wink. I feel so much better physically and have gained a new confidence. I had to overcome the mental block regarding fitting the new me but that’s fodder for a different post. Meanwhile I’ve decided to be a bit more creative with my approach to what I wear and I’m looking forward to putting that vision under the needle.

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