Monday, November 28, 2011

Remnant’s Rockin’ SWAP 2012


My Sewing with a Plan for 2012 is coming together. I have chosen all my fabrics and a few of the patterns. I’m calling this my Rockin’ SWAP because of the textured earth-tone fabrics in olive, gold, brown and winter-white.

The primary 7 garments I will be sewing:

1. Trousers - possibly Cutting Design’s One-Seam or Style Arc’s Linda.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A brown mystery fabric. Slight stretch.

2. Skirt – Pamela Pattern’s Magic Pencil Skirt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A beautiful knitty knit fabric.

3. T-Shirt – Paco Peralta’s Drape

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A very light weight ribbed/slubbed knit.

4. Blouse – This is yet to be determined. There are so many styles I want to try, yet I must find one I wish to become a TNT (tried and true) according to SWAP rules.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Slight stretch. Beautiful tones.

5. Jacket – Loes Hinse Zipper

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Fairly light weight, warm, great drape.

6. Coat – Kwik Sew 3095 (a boxy looking coat, but I like my coats loose fitting rather than tight and constricting)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Green Corduroy. Thick. Maybe too stiff.

7. Over Coat – possibly Burda 7587 (a swing coat)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Wool. Thick. Love.

The 4 garments, which according to this year’s SWAP rules, I must repeat with the same or a different pattern:

8. Skirt


9. Blouse

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lovely. Just wait and see.

10. Jacket

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Beautiful stretch velvet. Kind of furry.

11. Coat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Stretch velvet. Kind of stiff.

I will wait to determine whether to repeat the first pattern by how much I like the first choice once it is made up and worn. If I like it, if I determine I want to have a second in a different fabrication, I will repeat it, otherwise, I have plenty to choose from and will attempt a second style.


I had a relatively easy time choosing fabrics as I have discovered I purchase quite a few in this color-way. I love these dark, deep tones. Of course, as the weeks and months progress, I reserve the right to exchange a current fabric or pattern for another, but as it stands today, I love these choices. There is enough pattern to make it interesting, enough texture to make it fun and enough styles to make it challenging. Perhaps I will add a bit of embellishment as my heart leads, perhaps with some decorative stitching using the cams on my SuperNova and using a few seed beads. Ideas are ruminating.


According to SWAP rules, I can start fitting muslins now and can even complete 2 garments prior to the Dec 26 start date. YAY! Eleven well-fitted garments seems a mighty large task to complete by April 30. But the goal is to make future sewing more rewarding by having these well-fitted, TNT’s at hand. The effort will have long-lasting reward.


But I do have to say….I’m sorely tempted to hold off on the SWAP sewing in order to make this Koos Coat…


I’ve chosen tentative fabrics, in grey tones and a wee spot of red. My fabrics aren’t as wonderful as those pictured, but one must work within one’s budget, darn it all. My patterns are much more subdued, and perhaps that fits my style a bit better anyway.


Anonymous said...

Saw your storyoard on Artisans Square and wandered over! Love your knits! I'm from north of 49 and can appreciate the warmth of wool knits!

And I'm giggling about Murphy "doing the Garment District"!

Happy sewing! I too, am having distracting thoughts about the Koos jacket!


Remnant said...

Brenda, thank you for leaving comments. I'm really looking forward to sewing this SWAP - probably because of the variety of lovely fabrics.

If you make the Koos coat, will you let me know? I'd love to see what you make!

Huskerbabe said...

I love the Koos coat!!

I like the fabrics you picked out. Around here you can't buy anything except denim and quilting cottons. I think I would love to come and just feel your fabrics. :)

Remnant said...

Kris, I'd LOVE for you to come and pet my fabrics!!! Around here, we only have quilting fabrics but I'm thankful for that little quilt shop for thread and invisible zippers. I buy when I travel to DC, NY (with Murphy) or Pittsburgh. I also purchase online, but it takes a bit of hoping and praying when I do that.