Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It only took 9 hours

from doorway

My son moved out of the house this morning after graduating college (yay!) and it only took me 9 hours to completely transform his room. Want to take a tour with me?

From the doorway, one sees that I must share the room with a queen sized bed. I am “temporarily” living in a corporate rental, which means all my things are in storage and the furniture comes with the house. I’ve switched the furniture from one room to the next as our needs change. To make this room work, I moved out the end tables and the low, long dresser, and moved in a tall dresser (for the TV). I might switch the tall dresser for an end table. I pushed the bed into a corner – we rarely have overnight visitors here so this works for now. I threw out the old pillows this morning and need to remember to buy some more.


I like to sew in an “L’ shape, machine on one side, cutting table on the other. My primary requirement was to get the machine in front of the window for natural light.

Vew of area1

patterns and vestal 2

Next to the table, my pattern drawers and second machine desk fit well. I opened one end of the machine desk to hold a stack of “working” fabric…these are the fabrics I hope to sew next. Atop the desk (which holds my Necchi I call “Vestal”, sits my Kenmore which does fairly decent button holes.

closet left

I like having a dedicated closet for my sewing!

closet right

I’ll most likely move out of season clothing here.

ironing board

The ironing board will fit in front of the closet. I can’t wait to move into my own place at which time I’ll make an ironing table! This board is not mine, it comes with the house, it won’t close (something is broken). It’s annoying! I put my iron on a surge protector with an on/off switch, also put a lamp on the protector, so that I can remember to turn OFF the iron more frequently. If the lamp is on, so is the iron. Think this will work?

view of area 3

I keep my large cutting board atop my 6 foot folding table. There is room at the end for my little shelf unit with sewing essentials: lamp, threads, containers holding elastic, trims, zippers, Steam-a-seam, buttons, pencils, and frequently used sewing tools. On the wall I like to hang my scissors and rotary cutters.

It’s a good thing I had this project to tackle today because as the boy hugged me goodbye, he said, “Thanks for taking care of me, momma.” It was my pleasure, dear boy, my pleasure.


sdBev said...

This is lovely Remnant. I too like to sew in the L formation.

Michelle said...

Very nice. Is there anywhere in your house that you could stand your mattress and box spring up against a wall (or in a closet) and take apart the frame so you would have more room? (You could stand up the mattress and make a design wall out of it!) ;-)