Friday, December 3, 2010

Black Friday 2010 at G Street

Not interested in Best Buy or Walmart deals. Not me. There is really nothing that I want or need and I'm not interested in acquiring more stuff, especially since I've just recently purged my life of the majority of my worldly goods.

But I had one store on my radar for my Thanksgiving weekend in DC and not much time to make it happen. Actually, I didn't get to the store until Saturday morning so I was expecting slim pickings.

I chose these off the back wall after a quick perusal:

This is a knit which I think will make a great cardigan or light jacket for spring. I like the floral motif.

The large dotted will be a simple layering shell. I only bought a small amount of the black with tiny dots - thinking that it might make a good accent for something. I bought too much of the white, but thought it might make good muslin for knits, besides, white is always classic and I like the texture.

After that, I made my way to the lining and this is when my shopping trip turned into a private sewing lesson.

Lucia's first lesson was a suggestion on which interfacing to buy. I chose three colors. I also chose three basic lining colors. Boring but necessary purchases.

Does Bemberg need to be pre-washed for shrinkage? (Bemberg at the top, interfacings below.)

While Lucia cut, she kindly pointed me to a couple of bins, where I found these silk jerseys:

This jersey is a tube shape and very narrow but oh so lovely.
(I'm using the spool of thread for scale reference.)

....and these wools:

Lucia suggested I make a bias cut skirt from this plaid:

Lucia instructed me to cut this single layered, to first cut one piece in a corner and then lay the piece (turned over) and match up the plaids perfectly to cut the second piece. This will give me a perfectly matched plaid. Sounds simple enough. But looking at this plaid, it does not seem to be a perfect bias print. Does it to you?

I think my favorite piece is this houndstooth. I had hopes to find one - and I'm thrilled to have located this piece. Mondo has inspired me to do something a bit special with it - though I'm certainly more tame than he.

I do like textured fabrics - those fabrics which have interesting patterns based on weave alone. Notice the bias in the weave of the gold. It'll surely be interesting using that piece.

Now here is a wool piece Lucia found interesting.

Can you see the interfacing which is already fused to the whole length? Ever seen that before?

Lucia suggested that I find a simple jacket pattern and use it over and over again, with artistic changes. She helped me choose this one with the instructions that I could cut off the lapels. I LIKE the lapels and I like the casual ease of the cut. I think I'll be working on fitting this to perfection!

Not such slim pickins' after all!


Gail said...

Great haul of fabrics. Now get thee to the cutting table!

Ruthie said...

Lovely, lovely fabrics and I can see that pattern becoming a really great TNT once you have the fitting issues resolved.