Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing Thirteen and a Wool Coat

Purchased at auction Friday night. For $13.13, could YOU resist?

Original Condition. Almost totally frozen.

After an afternoon of cleaning.

I oiled her yesterday and after soaking up the Teflon Tri-flow oil overnight, she runs smoothly and silently without any rough patches when I turn the handwheel. I have yet to sew with her because she needs a belt but I don't expect any surprises.

This brings my Necchi collection to 3:
1. My Beloved pink Nora.
2. The SN Automatica my son brought me from NY. I think I'll call this one Arlowene after the kindly lady who sold it to me. Arlowene did not sew; this was her mother-in-law's machine.
3. This SN Automatica which I've named "Thirteen."

Grey Wool Coat Butterick 5400
As for actual sewing, I started this jacket before Thanksgiving. I prefer casual jackets to blazers. I am aiming to make some unlined, comfortable wool jackets.

I had such a difficult time fitting this. Between forward shoulders, sloping shoulders, trying to avoid a bust dart by doing a neckline alteration, broad back alterations and the corresponding front shoulder adjustment, I got myself thoroughly confused. It still is not quite right but I'm at a loss to know exactly what is amiss. I added fish eye darts to take out some of the width in the back under my shoulder blades.

I was going to leave it unfinished, but I finished it this afternoon - it just needed some finishing touches (hems and seam finishes). I will probably wear it - at least once - to see how it feels for an outting.

Okay. It doesn't look too bad in the photos. But I picked the photos I liked. Smile. Side views are horrid.

Most edges are raw (except for sleeve hem and hem) and finished with a triple top stitch. I picked out the loose threads (this wool ravels, unfortunately!). I like the effect and will likely use it in the future.

Even though I'm not thrilled with it, I have decided I like adding subtle artistic flair.

I added small scraps at the points of the fisheye darts and behind the buttons for added support.

Next up: A black and grey houndstooth wool skirt which I have cut to include a bias panel front and back. Fingers crossed.


Gail said...

Great coat, love the soft cardigan feel of boiled wool. I have planned something similar for our winter.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with Thirteen. And the cabinet! The round stitch plate! Ooooooh! Where do you live? I want to come and pet your machine. Machiiiiiine. Lovely.