Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’ve Joined the Fun – 12 in 12 in 2011

12 Jackets in 12 Months. Too bad we’re one year shy of 2012! It’d be more fun to be 12 in 12 in 12. Ah well.

Many of the sticher’s of Sticher’s Guild have been inspired by Gigi, who sewed 13 jackets in 2010 (so far – there are two days left and this woman just may surprise us with a 14th!). Be sure you click the link to see Gigi’s wonderful collection.

I don’t know if I’ll meet the stated goal, being a new sewist. But I do aim to make at least a few jackets. And that’s okay because there are no contracts to sign and no obligations to meet. This is not a contest like the SWAP. This is simply a joint effort to get to know and sew jackets. Anyone can join at any time, so if you feel inspired, come and join us!

I have no need for blazers or fitted jackets. I enjoy less structure in my jackets and, since I live a casual lifestyle, something a bit funky might be nice. But not too funky so that I look ridiculous!

I have a head start with my Grey Wool Coat (and since there are no rules, I am counting a coat made just a couple of weeks ago towards my 2011 goals). The coat is not quite finished: I bought shoulder pads yesterday and hope that inserting them will finalize the shoulders and fix the way it hangs.

I have several patterns from which to choose my next effort. Yesterday I bought 3 new jacket patterns. I do have several others – many others – but nothing calling my name thus far.

McCall’s 9576 calls for something bulky and warm. I don’t have anything suitable in my collection and I’m not sure I’m ready for the challenge of bulk just yet.


McCall’s 6208 claims to be easy. I bought it for View D, a vest. I’m not sure I like the sleeved jackets for me.


Kwik Sew 3095 looks to be the winning contender. I like the seam detail and the pockets and side slit. It’ll be difficult to decide on one over the other – pockets or slits. It looks a bit boxy, but I’m okay with that for this particular coat.


My husband has this week off work and we are officially on a “staycation” so I’m refraining my impulse to spend hours in the sewing room in favor of spending quality time with him. I’ll have plenty of time next week to sew. There’s no rush to start the next project. I’ve learned the lesson well: slow and steady.

This week, even though I’ve been ill with a sinus infection (dang!), we’ve attempted to go out and do something fun daily. Yesterday we went to an hour away to the nearest non-quilt sewing store where I picked up the above patterns, shoulder pads, and a few yards of fabric on sale. And for him, we stopped at a Lexus dealership for a test drive as the lease on his work vehicle is coming due soon and he needs to finalize his choice for the next vehicle. He kept the visit short and sweet, if you want to call an hour at a car dealership short.

Meanwhile, I can prepare fabric and finalize my choices so that when next week rolls around, I’ll be ready to sew.


Huskerbabe said...

You could call it 12 before '12'.

How about a structured, fitted jacket in a bright floral would appear more casual.

I love the looks of jackets, but with my large upper arms I have a hard time finding one to fit. I usually settle for a long sleeved blouse worn as a jacket.

Remnant said...

Kris, me in a bright floral jacket? No dear. Perhaps a muted floral. And fitted? Doesn't that equal tight and uncomfortable? Bah! Too many things to ponder. I think I'll start loose and unstructured and then gain courage as I go. Have you ever sewn a jacket? So many are sewing easy, loose sweater/coats.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Lisa! You are the winner of my fat quarter/pattern blog giveaway! Just shoot me an email with your stats so I know where to mail your goodies. Congrats! Erika