Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year End 2010

Sewing in 2010 what a huge blessing!

I had learning seasons
And then there were productive ones

I've become a Necchi collector
There's just something about taking a worn out, dusty, rusty, frozen, unappreciated machine and redeeming it (sounds like my life - anyone else relate?)

I had disappointments (I looked over my wader pile last week, sigh)
I have had encouragements

Stitcher's Guild has been my A-Number One teacher
Other teachers are the many generous blogsters who post tutorials, photo and video
And everyone who posts photos on the forum or in their blogs are fodder for inspiration

I have purged my wardrobe (and my possessions)
I have gone on vacations where the majority of my wardrobe has been me-made

I have printed patterns from Russia
When Lekala offered them in my size for free (yay!)

I have sewn in my jammies but I have not sewn jammies
Or any other unmentionables but bra-seamstresses amaze me!

I have gone on a fabric spree at the garment district in NYC
And shopped black Friday (okay, it was Saturday) at G Street in Rockville

I am developing preferences for finer fabric (less is more)
And have chosen to slow down and be more deliberate in design and construction

I have beaded
I have fringed
I have top stitched
I have made fabric flowers
I have made a front fly (which came out backwards, but ah, well)

I have made:
17 skirts
20 tops
2 jackets
3 cardigans
1 hooded sweatshirt
3 cozy satchels for my neighbor's sugar glider (google them)

2011 - Goals
I plan to make 12 jackets in 2011 with the Jacket-a-month sew-along at Stitcher's Guild
Even though I'm experiencing a set back with a wrong-sized pattern (reminding myself that this is a minor setback)

I plan to figure out my shoulders
Do they slope?
Do I have a broad back?
Just how forward are they?

I also hope to leave more comments on your blogs instead of merely thinking about them
So if you are thinking about a comment now, please leave it! Smile.


Huskerbabe said...

That list is pretty impressive~

And what's a wader pile?

I have a UFO pile that needs worked on. It is smaller than it was last year and I have completed more projects than in the previous years...but not as much as I'd like to. I can't remember the last time I sewed clothing.

Remnant said...

A wader is something that is a total loss, not merely unfinished. My waders either look horrid or are just the wrong style for me or have other issues. One has sleeves I totally butchered - and I loved that fabric. There is simply no redeeming it - I tried and now it is worse than before.

You are sewing lives right now, Kris. Lots of important things going on in your life. I'm amazed you get anything done!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ... fitting. The most frustrating but most essential thing for making your own clothes fit nicely. Good luck with your 12 jackets, I look forward to seeing what you make.