Monday, December 19, 2011

Koos Coat: Auditioning Binding



Before I journal the construction details for today (thus far, set in sleeves, finished neckline), I need to audition binding for the outer edge of the coat.

Above is the same lightweight binding I used between fabrics and what I plan to use for the pocket welts. No. Too much of the same. I don’t think the light weight would give the needed heft at the hem.


I like this but it would use up what I have if I have to cut a chunk on the bias. I’d not be able to make a skirt. And I want a skirt. What do I want more? This for the binding or a skirt? Decision: skirt.

I can’t use the red/grey because of the ravel factor. It would need interfaced and that would defeat the bias purpose. The photo below shows the interior of the jacket (giving you a sneak preview of the finished interior) – notice the black interfacing I used on the red/grey. The interfacing is of such a nice quality that I did not have to line that piece as I had thought would be necessary.


I used the subtle grey stripe (under the red above) for sleeves. I don’t want to use it for binding as well. It is my least favorite fabric in the whole coat. It makes a great sleeve as it is very soft and of medium weight. Plus the stripe shows off the unusual characteristics of the twisted sleeve pattern. I’ll show you that later.

PC192366 PC192367

Which leaves me with the black. I’m leaning towards this because I chose the black for the outer piece of the coat and using this will keep the overall look as it now stands. It’s of a good weight to weigh the hem, it isn’t too thick (like the red/grey or black/white plaid). I think I have enough that I could still make a pencil skirt.


[Note: See the little bit of unsecured binding in the left photo above? There are little fiddly bits like this which need to be hand-stitched and fixed even though I went slow slow slowly on the binding stitching. Some pieces just will not bow to submission!]

There is time to weigh in with your opinion (please!). I’m heading off to make the pockets. I imagine that will take me the afternoon to complete between loads of laundry and whatnot.


KC said...

I have no advice to give. I like the black but I'm sure I would like whatever you choose. I just want to say it is exciting to watch you put this project together!

Remnant said...

Thank you, KC. As I thought, it has taken all afternoon to make and insert the welts. I have just cut and interfaced the actual pockets and will need to sew them - but first, leftover chili and a Sam Adams calls. I need a break! Cutting welts is always hair-raising!