Monday, December 5, 2011

Koos Coat: What is taking so long?


It has been a week since I ordered this pattern from BMV. The status has read “shipped” since Wednesday.

But perhaps the wait will be worth it, especially since another blogger, Jilly Be Joyful, is currently making the coat and is taking the time to blog her observations. I’m finding her details and her recommendations very helpful.

One of her recommendations about using wool of similar weight has altered my fabric choices. I’ll take photos of fabrics tomorrow and will discuss what I want to use, why I may not use some, and a question about a color choice.’

Another recommendation, mental note: lower the height of the collar.

Meanwhile, I have a few questions regarding the construction:

1. Can this coat be made without the flat felled seams?

2. Could the inner layer, which I'd probably never wear on the outside, be treated more as a lining, therefore eliminating the need to flat fell all these seams?

3. Furthermore, I've read a few blogs which report that the construction method Koos uses differs from the printed Vogue instructions. I'm wondering if anyone knows how he recommends constructing the coat. I’m thinking the sleeve construction is where the major construction differences might lie.

Thank you, Jilly Be, for forging the way!

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