Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simple Tool Used to Set Seam Allowances


How many times do we change the size of a seam allowance or stitching line in the making of a garment? It’s not too much of a problem if your machine comes with an engraved needle plate, but Necchi machines do not.

My solution is this Quilter’s Gauge by Dritz.

Simply slip it under your presser foot.


Slip the needle through the appropriate measurement. (I simply eyeball it.) And set your metal gauge next to the edge.



Viola! Accurate seam allowance in a jiffy.

My only complaint with this tool is that it does not have 3/8 inch, which I frequently use when sewing knits. I mark 3/8” with a piece of tape – which I took off for the sake of the photo above.

I’ve never seen this tool listed on anyone’s “notions I can’t live without” lists. But it certainly tops mine. Do you use an unusual notion on a frequent basis?

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