Sunday, December 18, 2011

Koos Construction – Day 2


Plus the sleeves are sewn (they have a spiral seamline) and one sleeve has been inserted. The other sleeve was fiddly so I took that as a sign that I was too tired to do more tonight. The difficult armscye is the one Murphy is sitting on – see the plaid on the bias? It is all stretched out. I need to press it back into shape and top stitch. Notice that the other armscye has different fabrication and, therefore, was much easier to work with.

Construction photo:

I am using Koos method of construction – this is the right side. I trimmed the seam allowanced, pressed open and laid the bias tape on top. It wasn’t the best option. I progressed to pressing the seams in one direction and then laying the bias. That was better


But the best method was to press open and stitch very close to the seam (1/8 inch) and then trim before laying the bias. This is the method I used for the bottom bias (between plaid and black dots).


I have yet to: Set in the second sleeve. Welt pockets. Neck line. Trim off 5/8 from outside edge, finishing bias. Hem sleeves.


Question: If I were to make a skirt to match – which fabric should I choose???? I have enough of most everything (except, perhaps, the solid red Shetland wool).


Ruthie said...

Gorgeous! re skirt I'd be tempted to make a simple pencil skirt from each of the fabrics, in particular the black with flecks and the tartan. And then buy a few fitted sweaters (roll or V neck) in appropriate colours and you'd have days of outfits.

Remnant said...

Ah, Ruthie. Just what I was thinking!!! :) Too bad this isn't meant to be my SWAP, eh? I'd have oodles of opportunity to fine tune some separates.