Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Koos Fabric Planning


I never claimed to be an artist. This jacket is a puzzle, isn’t it? I needed some way to visualize it in order to piece it.

Original plan below:



The problem with the above plan was that some of the fabrics weren’t coat quality not to mention a tad monochromatic.

I found the following two at Fabric Mart last week and was quite pleased when they arrived today.


The newest plan is as follows:


Is that a tad blurred? Or is it my sleep deprived eyes?
The top fabric will be the bias – that’s the reason it is shown on the diagonal. The bottom red/grey will be the main fabric – on the front it is the collar and center front, around to the bottom fabric in the back. The order of the rest are as stacked, top to bottom, with each separated by the diagonal grey stripe bias.

My color key – and a second view which I adjusted for color of the fabric.



I’m still having a difficult time photographing a true color for the red Shetland wool – the below gives you a good idea of the wool textures.


I have decided that I will not be lining the coat. I’ll follow suggestions in Koos’ book for finishing seams. I have to decide what to do for a facing. Perhaps I’ll just let the reverse side of the red/grey provide the facing contrast (it’s mostly black).


At any rate, I spent the evening cutting the pattern pieces to a size medium – but not cutting where the small was on the outside margin because I have yet to make a muslin and I’m not sure about the size. I hear it runs big. I’ll have to re-trim the pattern once I come up with a proper size. Yes, I’m cutting into the tissue. I doubt I’ll make a second of these coats any time soon. Besides, tracing these pieces is quite daunting! Have you seen them????

I’ll make the muslin out of the lining pieces which I won’t be using on the final coat. At least I won’t need to piece the puzzle together just to make a muslin. I’m really looking forward to starting this process tomorrow, except my daughter is coming home for winter break sometime tomorrow and I’m determined to bake some cookies for her, have Sangria in the frig chilling for her, and, of course, a home cooked dinner of oven breaded chicken and cheesy cauliflower.

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