Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Koos Coat Final





Darn! The rear view is blurred. And it has gotten too dark outside to retake.


 PC202377  PC202379 PC202380 

Sleeves and before welts.


Welts. Before adding the pocket lining.


After the pocket – straightens up the edges nicely. Hmmm….looking at the photo, the top welt looks wonky, but in reality, it is fine.






















I ended up not binding the outside edge. I cut off an inch or so all around the perimeter, and cut out the lining from the hem allowance. I turned a bit more than an inch for the hem. Before topstitching the hem, I turned the raw edge in 1/2 inch.

PC202389 PC202391

My daughter thinks it’s too much in the front. I agree. I think it would have been better if I had not used spray adhesive on the lining. The glue changed the hand, making the lining – well – crinkly feeling.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks it is fine.

I could have cut a size extra-small all around rather than just in the neck/arm area where I cut a size small. According to the pattern measurements, I should have cut a medium. No. Extra small.

What do you think? Wear this when visiting family in DC for the holidays? Or opt out.


The Hojnackes said...

The Koos jackets really are works of art. I am not sure what is meant by too much in the front? I like the fabric combination.

Sharon said...

Wow, that really is a work of art! I'm not sure what you mean by too much in the front either. I especially love the lining!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing jacket - a whole lot of work very well executed! Well done.

Remnant said...

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate the compliments. Too much in the front - the shape of the jacket brings lots of fabric to overlap the front. Of course Koos is amazing with the drape - it's a gift to be able to put together such a complicated jacket, much less make patterns for the home sewer. It's just that as I'm wearing it, I'm aware of all that fabric flipping and flopping around in front of me. You can see by the photo with my foot on the step that there is a spot that isn't draping very well. That's due to the stiff lining (which is stiff due to spray glue). I just might unpick that part of the lining - maybe - on my way to DC if I'm not the one driving. I'd have to hand stitch everything in that area back in place.

I do so much appreciate your comments!

Janis said...

I really like the way your jacket turned out. It IS an oversized jacket, but if you don't like that look, you might not be happy with the jacket. I'm feeling the same way about mine. I used an extra small, too. On my jacket, I used a temporary spray adhesive instead of a permanent, just because I didn't want the stiffness. The temporary adhesive presented lots of it own problems, though.

I think your fabric choices were wonderful. And I would wear that jacket anywhere. Nice work.

Remnant said...

Ah - different adhesives is something I'll have to experiment with. My local shop has closed due to illness (may never reopen!) so Walmart was my only choice on the spur of the moment. Their Elmers adhesive was not what I needed. I should have known - I mean, ELMERS???? What was I thinking???