Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Dart FBA for Kay

No Dart FBA for Knits

Pattern piece altered in 3 areas: Front neckline, bust, front center hemline.

I recommend using Pamela’s Patterns Perfect T for a starting point. Her pattern is made for us mature women – the shoulder is forward and sloped (I think those are the changes she uses for her basic patterns). Her techniques are basic and I’ve made a ton of these t’s with all sorts of necklines and sleeve length (including sleeveless).

For my former shape (since reduced) I added 1 inch at the neckline and center front hemline for this no-dart technique.

I will have to retrace the pattern and figure out how to fit my new shape (this is a SWAP goal). My former shape required a 1 3/4 inch spread when doing a traditional Y shape FBA. I think my new shape requires a 3/4 inch spread (not as reduced as I requested, evidently!). I had this surgery in June and I am still unable to wear a traditional b r a – I’m still wearing a sport’s b r a and will be for quite a few more months. Therefore, I’ve been told, I have a uniboob. Sigh. (Mothers!) And I’m quite self-conscious in posting photos. What is still healing are the underlying muscles – there is no way I can even wear a larger size band for 5 minutes. So I have no idea what my final size will be but I’m thinking a D cup based on my latest attempt at trying on b r a’s.

More info than you requested, but this is about making clothing to fit our unique shapes and the challenges thereof.

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Kay said...

Thank you,Remnant!! The neckline FBA makes sense to me now. I'm not that mature yet, going on 34 right now. But then I do have the forward shoulder / sloped etc., I will look into Pamela's Perfect T. I got to say that I am very impressed by the fit you got without darts in your knit top, so I will give this FBA a try soon in the next week. Will keep you posted how it goes.

I hope you heal faster.. Redn. is never easy... After talking to a friend who went through hers a couple of years ago, I have mine planned out in 3yrs, when I'm done having another child and done with bre@st feeding etc.. Check out figleaves website for sport br@s without uni boob effect.. For my band size 28 or 30, I can only wear 2 brands, as I can wear only the non-wired ones. But if you don't have that small band, then I see a lot more options.