Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thread Troubles and Green Fake Velvet Cardboard Vest


This keeps happening to me.

With different threads.

Different machines.

Sometimes near the needle. Sometimes near the tension knob.

And NOT when I’ve just started sewing with a newly threaded needle. Nope. I can be sewing along for many seams until this nest forms.

And ignore Nora’s dustiness. I polish her up and oil her well between uses. I absolutely love her…but her bobbin case gave me fits today! The bobbin thread kept coming out of the little slot. Think I ought to tighten it?


Meanwhile, my Koos Coat is growing on me. :) I made a simple A-line skirt out of the red/grey to wear with it. It took me about an hour – no waistband, only elastic – I’ll have to show you what I did. Fast and easy and I think it will be very comfortable. And I made a Loes Hinse Bolero jacket today which still needs a final pressing. I’ll photo those in the next few days hopefully…tomorrow is errands and packing before the long drive to DC on Friday.

Here is the olive green fake velvet cardboard vest I made a couple of weeks ago. Really awful stuff. Don’t know what I was thinking.


Pocket (love these pockets) and button from my wonderful button stash. It’s not a large stash, necessarily, but I have the cutest buttons. I think my grandmother must have cut off every button before getting rid of a garment. I’ll post a photo of my glass jars one day.


Not one raw edge, she says smugly.


This was meant to be a jacket for my 2012 SWAP. However, just before inserting the sleeves, I realized I’d never wear a green fake velvet jacket that feels like cardboard. But I might wear it if it were a vest.


See? Comfy.Well, comfier than if it were a jacket. The hem is wonky, so that will need to be fixed.

And see this photo?


Well, lesson learned and filed away. When performing a sway back, I need to add the length BACK at the hem. Right? Who knew. I missed reading – or remembering – that part of the sway back instructions. So, I’m going to fix this whole hem, which won’t take me too long. I think I’ll bring this project to DC with me. I have JUST enough olive green thread left. I hope.

And totally not styled. I’ll wear with a nicer top and scarf and whatnot.


Doesn’t look too bad from the back except that I over compensated for the sway back thing on this square cardboard-like jacket.

But what do those wrinkles tell me? I already performed a sloping shoulder adjustment – think I need more? Or a broad back (which I did prior to my surgery but thought I wouldn’t need any longer. Maybe I do?)


And, yes, this means I need a substitute fabric for my SWAP. G Street anyone????


Yeah yeah. Hush with the spoiled dog thing. He NEEDED picked up. Doesn’t he always? 


joannely said...

Looks like you could have added an inch more to the back neck to waist length to allow that waist seam to be parallel with the floor. I can't tell if you did a sway back alteration but maybe you did it in the upper portion and not the lower one.
It does look very nice even though you say it feels like cardboard. I like the design with the one button too!

Remnant said...

joannely - you are absolutely correct in your assessments! The pattern called for the buttonhole to be about an inch or two above the waist seaming, but since I petited an inch above the b ust and and inch below the b ust, I liked where the waist seam landed. It seemed natural to put the button hole in the seamline. I hope to readjust the hemline (it will look wonky on the inside of course) and wear during my holiday trip. I think I'll try this pattern again in a nicer fabric. The non-fitted cut suits my lifestyle.